Hi, there! I'm Jane!

When I was about seven years old, I made up a bunch of hand-crafted items, took a piece of typewriter paper and drew a catalog, and distributed that catalog to all of my older siblings and my parents. I then invited them to a party where I provided games and snacks and, at the end, had them walk around the dining room table to select the wares they'd like to buy. Since my mom was providing everyone with the fifty cents they needed to buy something, they always came to the parties, and I always had a new seasonal collection to make and a new party to plan.

Nowadays, I don't expect my family to buy my wrapping paper-covered pencils anymore (although there are still a few floating around my parents' house!), but my love of celebrations and all things related has not died down! I love to throw a party, wrap a gift with precision, and create the perfect invitation or greeting card for any occasion, and I'm so excited to bring that love to you!

I have been making a living as an artist for my entire adult career, starting out as a fiber artist, then a nail artist, then an illustrator. My artwork has been featured in publications like Huffington Post, MTV.com, Paste Magazine, Bustle, Nails Magazine, Nail It!, GQ Magazine, and Bon Appetit Magazine. I live on the Jersey Shore with my husband, Chris.