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I'm about to confess something a little controversial: I HATE Facebook event invites! I know, I know, they're super easy to use, and they're free, and everyone is on Facebook anyway, so might as well, right?

Well, here are my reasons not to use them.

I'm not on Facebook, so you can't invite me to your parties

Obviously, you probably weren't inviting me to your parties anyway (even though I'm a really nice party guest - I always bring a gift and I always offer to clean up!), but the point remains, not everyone in on Facebook anymore! People may have never signed up, or perhaps they got sick of seeing their family's political posts and getting notifications every time someone they sort of know liked a Buzzfeed video (just me?). Or maybe they still have a FB, but they don't log on much anymore. The point is, you're missing out on potential invitees.

Facebook is so easy to forget

I always try to be a good guest, but I try even harder to be a good invitee. Meaning, I check my calendar, I check with my husband, and I try to RSVP ASAP so the host isn't wondering what the head count will be. I also write the party on my calendar, or put it into my phone so I remember. Not everyone is that meticulous, and FB makes it reallllllyyyyy easy to forget that you RSVP'ed to an invitation. A lot of times, people turn off invite notifications because they don't really need their phone to alert them every single time someone they don't know that well leaves a long message about why they can't come to the party on the invite's wall. (It's an awkward message to read, you know? I've never met Kathy who lived in your dorm one semester, so I don't really need to know about her cat's surgery being on the same day that her mother-in-law is in town so she can't make it to your pot luck pajama party, just saying.) But, seriously, there is a fake security blanket built into inviting people to a party through an online platform. If it's online, it's tied into the cloud, and everything's in the cloud, and the cloud is on your phone, and there's no way that you'll forget something in the cloud, right??

A die-cut Haunted House Halloween Party invitation, hand-lettered (and hand-splattered with blood muah ha ha)

Mailed invitations are just nicer!

Yes, you need to buy some stamps. But you can buy stamps at pretty much every grocery store, so pick them up while you're buying yourself some wine and snacks! And yes, you'll need every invitees address, but you should have them anyway, because getting a real birthday or holiday card instead of a "To all my friends who have October birthdays: have a good one!" Facebook post. (Have I mentioned I hate Facebook?) And now you'll have their addresses and you can send your friends real mail again, which is the nicest thing!

Let's face it, everyone is 100% stressed and 100% busy all the time now. I don't blame anyone for skipping out on fun events when they start to just feel like another obligation to add to the pile. But having an actual piece of mail to open that isn't a credit card offer or a supermarket circular or a bill is still one of life's great pleasures! If you're gonna go to the trouble of throwing a get together, go one step further and use a real invitation!

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